Sunday and Monday, January 30-31—Golf, Pickleball, and Food (and a few Hummingbird Photos)

Sunday morning began for us by FaceTiming and singing Happy Birthday to Aker, our now 7-year old. Why is it that grandkids grow up so darn fast! Another Hot Springs Village group golf game took place on Sunday afternoon followed by a great happy hour hosted by the Star’s. Since Kansas City lost in the NFL playoffs, my interest in pro football will have to wait another year for the 2023 playoffs!

Monday was all about pickleball, and it was so good returning to the courts after several days’ absence. I rode to the courts first thing Monday morning and watched Kay play a few games in her group’s round robin. The first game watched paired Kay with Barb, and both are improving quite rapidly. It is fun to watch them “mature” in the game of pickleball.

I played the 3.5 Creek round robin at noon, and played halfway decent for a change. Kay returned to the courts mid-afternoon for and Advanced Beginner class. We joined other Arkansans wintering here at Palm Creek—great group of folks— for a Mexican-themed potluck/happy hour. Our lives are blessed!

Here are some hummingbird photos from last Tuesday’s visit to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Time to go on another photography outing.

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