Friday and Saturday, January 28-29—Too Much Wind and Dust

Kay and I cancelled our pickleball matches both Friday and Saturday because of high winds and accompanying dust. In fact, most pickleball matches were cancelled Friday with winds gusting at over 20 miles per hour. I have had a really bad headache since early in the week—swollen sinuses caused by allergic reaction to dust. We turned on our air conditioning for one of the few times to help filter the air inside the motorhome. Thus, we don’t have much to report.

However, there are still a number of photographs from our trip to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum that have not been posted, so here goes with a few butterflies we observed. If you look carefully at the first yellow butterfly (Southern Dogface), you can see a silhouette of a poodle’s head. (Next blog post will feature hummingbird photos.)

Texas Crescent, a LIFER

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