Wednesday through Sunday, December 8-12, 2021—Settling in for the Winter

With Apache Flats RV Park at Fort Huachuca in the rearview mirror Wednesday morning, the short drive to Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort in Casa Grande, AZ, was completed about 12 noon. After checking in at Palm Creek and getting photo IDs made, a “Ranger” guided us to the site which will become our winter home. This will make three seasons that Kay and I have stayed at Palm Creek. 

The motorhome was positioned on the site, electricity connected, and stabilizing jacks and slides deployed.  The bicycles and rack were removed from the Honda CR-V, and the packed to capacity car was unloaded; the site looked like Gypsy Central! After a brief rest, the water softener was recharged and water connected to the motorhome. 

Both the car and motorhome were really dirty after all the miles of travel and dusty roads. Each season we buy unlimited monthly car washes from Clean Freak Car Wash, and for the first month it was only $11; and the car wash has great vacuums and air nozzles! After the car wash, a call was made to have the motorhome washed and waxed. Disappointed with last year’s job, a new “contractor” was hired this year.

Thursday was for removing items from the storage compartments (golf clubs, carts, etc.) and storing things that would not be used very often during the winter (motorhome brake assist, Dan’s luggage, etc.). We were up early to pick up an order of groceries at Fry’s, the local Kroger affiliate here in Casa Grande. And then back at Palm Creek, we moved chairs, grill, bicycles, table, etc. away from the motorhome; it got washed and waxed today. The young guy and his helper are to be applauded for being entrepreneurs, and good products were used, but the quality was not the best. On Friday, Dan traveled north to the greater Phoenix area to photograph birds while I hung out at Palm Creek visiting the pickleball courts, and tinkering with the solar panels.

I finally got back on the pickleball courts Saturday, playing in the Mixed 3.5 Creek group, and was a bit nervous as I had not played with the 3.5 groups here at Palm Creek. Holding my own, it was a blast, and a very fast game with lots of finesse. Sunday morning was wash, dry, and fold clothes time, and afterwards, we visited SkyDive Arizona to watch the “free fallers” and tandem jumpers depart perfectly good airplanes in mid-air. The rest of the afternoon was used to edit photos and write on the blog, trying to catch up.

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