Tuesday, December 7, 2021—Battiste’s Bed, Breakfast, and Birds

After such an incredible day yesterday, today’s itinerary called for a visit to one of Dan’s favorite places, Battiste’s Bed, Breakfast, and Birds (BB&B) in Hereford, AZ. Battiste’s BB&B is located in the famed Miller Canyon area in the Huachuca Mountains. Many feeders have been placed in the garden to provide close-up views of the numerous bird species that frequent the yard; over 150 bird species have been seen in or from the yard.

Birds began feeding on the many feeders, and provided a great photography experience. Tony Battiste has created the feeding stations so that birds perch nearby on old trees and limbs placed there to enhance photography. First, a Northern Mockingbird appeared.

And then, another of my favorites, the Curve-bill Thrasher snuck in for seeds.

Next, a Lesser Goldfinch flew in.

Not to be forgotten about, woodpeckers came to the trees using their bouncy flight patterns.

And of course, a number of Yellow-rumped Warblers appeared, darting among the trees here and there.

And my beloved Cactus Wren…

And no blog post featuring birds would be complete with a hummingbird (Anna’s Hummingbird), even if it is having a bad hair day!

Fort Huachuca has two canyons known for great birding: Garden Canyon and Huachuca Canyon. The picnic areas in Garden Canyon are known birding locations, however we did not have many observations. One tree held several flighty Cedar Waxwings, but otherwise few birds were moving. We continued up the steep canyon on washed out roads, stopping occasionally to glass for birds, but to no avail. Finally, we reached the limits of the Honda CR-V.

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