Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, October 14-16, 2021—Book Club Time and Grandkids

It sure seems like the second Thursday of each month rolls around in days, rather than weeks. The Book Club ladies met, catching up on the month’s book and each others’ lives.

Neither of us had anything on the schedule for Friday

Today’s (Saturday) plan was to travel to Memphis to see Jenny, Harper, Linc, and Sutton, and help Jenny with a couple of chores. Enroute, we side-stepped to Little Rock for Ridge’s soccer game.

Ridge and his #1 fans

In Memphis, Jenny and the kiddos were waiting for us; seems like they grow so much between visits. Harper is now well over 5 feet tall, and 9 years old. Sutton still clings to her momma; COVID19 has taken a silent and unknown toll on all the kids of the world. Linc is still the epitome of a fullback, long curly hair and all.

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