Saturday through Wednesday, October 9-13, 2021 —Is It Fall Yet?

Saturday was “Soccer Saturday” with both Aker and Ridge scheduled to play. Beautiful partly cloudy skies greeted us as we entered Lakewood’s soccer fields. Aker’s team won their game, though it looked like someone trying to herd ducks!

Regretfully, Ridge’s game was cancelled by the opposing team’s coach (northwest Arkansas) just two hours before the game; a lot of folks were unhappy. On the return trip home, we stopped by a Costco for a few things and cheap gasoline ($2.599/gal). Kay and I played the front nine at Magellan, though we both faltered a bit.

Golf at Magellan Golf Course

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were relatively quiet, at least by our standards, though I did play golf on Monday (and I use the term “play” very loosely) and pickleball on Tuesday. The mallet finger on my right hand (ring finger) hurts like crazy when I grip a golf club or pickleball paddle; at least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it. Kay continues her committee assignments with the Duffers (golf) and PEO (philanthropy). It still remains warm most days, but leaves have begun gently falling.

Kay’s social calendar remains full, what with Duffers golf (deck starter, meaning early morning, and then playing with the last group) and a late lunch with friends on Wednesday. I remained home for most of the day, protecting the sore finger, though a few butterflies coerced me into taking their pictures. The American Lady butterfly was quite aggressive, chasing away a hummingbird, a Monarch, and two skippers, all nectaring on Lantana. And, by the way, two hummingbirds were still nectaring at our place, though neither would settle down for a photograph.

Happy birthday to my baby, Jenny. I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. Glad you can’t see the tears!

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