Friday, September 3, 2021—Found the Butterflies

It’s still hot and humid, but that didn’t stop Kay from joining her Friday girls group at Cortez Golf Course. Considering she hasn’t played much in the last few weeks, she did pretty well—a lady’s score is like her age, not revealed.

Dan Olson and I traveled to Mount Magazine State Park in search of the elusive butterflies this season. Most places in the area have had a significant decrease in both species and numbers. We saws a few flittering along the road approaching the state park. As we pulled into the parking place at the  Brown Springs picnic area, a Giant Swallowtail could be seen nectaring on a nearby bloom. We set up our cameras, checked the settings, and eased over to make photographs. The Giant Swallowtail was very patient, and posed for a number of shots by each of us. We continued to see various species as we walked the cliff side trail. It had been the best four hours of butterfly photography that either of us had had this year. 

Even a few dragonflies made themselves available for photographs.

Several wild flowers also presented themselves for portraits.

We drove from Mount Magazine State Park to Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge, where we stopped at one of our favorite butterfly areas. There, we found good numbers of several species.

From there it was off to home and extensive post processing of photos.

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