Thursday, September 2, 2021—The Hummingbirds Have Arrived

Hummingbirds apparently arrived in hoards yesterday about midday, as they were madly crowding the two feeders on the deck. The number of these birds far exceeds that of any other time since living in Hot Springs Village. I had been wanting to capture them “in flight” and spent a couple of hours experimenting with camera settings, etc. Here are the results.

Twenty-one years ago today, Kay and I said “I do”, and it’s been an amazing time together. We’ve experienced children divorcing, marrying, grandkids born, and parents dying. A few family challenges have arisen and for the most part, conquered. Four churches have called us members, and we sang together in three of these. We have traveled extensively, both within the US and internationally. And, Kay has been there as I survived several major medical issues. We celebrated by eating at Texas Roadhouse inn Benton, Arkansas; they have the coldest Michelob Ultra on tap, and great food. We’ve been blessed, and are hoping for another twenty-one years!

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