Monday, April 19—Antsy

COVID19 has sure impacted everyone’s lifestyle, and for those of us who are retired and active, it has practically been a lost year that we’ll never get back—and we don’t have many left. Realistically, many of us lost at least 10 percent of our remaining life! Kay and I are not exceptions. She is able to entertain herself, and is as steady as a person can be. I, on the other hand, suffer from depression, and have to be busy, and preferably outside busy. It has been difficult to be “satisfied”, hoping some form of normality will soon return. Sunday was a quiet day. We attended “the Gathering” as I had been requested to photograph the church service. And, in the evening we played bridge with the Morris’, and yes, Kay won again!

Monday was golf day for me, and Kay took care of a few chores. We did spend the evening planning our summer schedule.

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