Sunday, April 18—Another Adventure in the Works?

I really miss car/tent camping. Consequently, I have been refreshing old gear, and supplementing it with new purchases such as a sleeping bag and tent, in hopes that time and conditions would allow a short camping trip every couple of months. And, as a big fan of camping, hiking, and backpacking, I found it very interesting that a number of seasoned primitive campers and backpackers supplemented commercial freeze dried meals with home dehydrated food. After watching numerous YouTube videos, it became apparent that dehydrating food was not that complicated. Of course they may have been lying about the taste.

Kay and I bought a dehydrator several years ago, and we decided to put it to good use. With a bit of time on our hands this evening, Kay made a batch of spaghetti with ground turkey in the sauce (trying to avoid red meat). After it had cooled, parchment paper was cut to fit the dehydrator trays, and the spaghetti was spread on a couple of the trays.

Spaghetti being loaded in the dehydrator
Dehydrating spaghetti in the garage

The next morning, about 15 hours later, the dehydrator was checked and the spaghetti was indeed dry. It was packaged, the packages labeled, and stored in the freezer. Supposedly, it will last indefinitely stored in the freezer, and several weeks on the “shelf”. Now, I/we are ready for our next adventure.

Dehydrated spaghetti
Dehydrated spaghetti packaged and ready to rehydrate.

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