Thursday through Saturday, April 1-9—Finally, a Grandkid Visits

Thursday was April Fools’ Day, but the only, but the only joke was a Facepost post by a 70+ year old Arizona friend who said that his 70+ year old wife was pregnant; you’re the man, Rod. Kay continued with dental work, something she started a couple of years ago. Pretty soon she’ll have all new and/or repaired teeth. 

Friday was her day for continued beautification with pedicure and manicure/dip. And then, she and several of The Book Club members spent the afternoon at the horse races at Oaklawn. Photo buddy, Dan Olson, and drove us to Rick Evans Grandview Prairie near Hope, Arkansas, to check out the wildflowers, dragonflies, and butterflies, but we were somewhat disappointed as few dragonflies and butterflies were present, and those that were flitted about so furiously in the cool winds that making photographs was near impossible.

Variegated Meadowhawk

From there, he drove us to Terre Noir Natural Area near Arkadelphia, Arkansas, but similar conditions to those found earlier in the morning prevailed.

Question Mark Butterfly
A Baskettail Dragonfly (?)

Saturday was home day for both Kay and me., but it was not without excitement. Kay and I were enjoying cocktails on the deck late this afternoon, relaxing with the sights and sounds of the lake and watching birds feeding at an overhead feeding station (about 4 feet from where we were sitting). A Red-bellied Woodpecker joined some small songbirds at the suet.

Red-bellied Woodpecker

And then, all of of sudden out of nowhere, this dark shape flies screaming not more than a couple of feet over our heads. At the same time, we heard bird wings beating wildly as they attempted their successful escape. The hawk landed in a nearby tree and posed suspiciously for a couple of minutes for photographs. It sure helps being in the right place at the right time.

Immature Cooper’s hawk

Easter Sunday, the end of Holy Week, is normally church day for Kay and me, but because of the expected crowd, I avoided attending. Instead, a long drive in Ouachita National Forest provided my worship for the day; Dan Olson accompanied me. We saw several wildflowers roadside, but most were covered by dust.


At one stop, both wildflowers and butterflies were in abundance, but the butterflies didn’t stay put long enough for many photographs.

It was back to normal on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday; I played golf and pickleball during this time, and made it to a couple of trails in the Village to make photos while Kay fulfilled many social obligations while still playing pickleball and golf. The False Garllic, Crested Iris, and Mayapple are among my favorites.

On Friday, Kay picked up Aker from school for a weekend stay at KK and DD’s. This will make the first two nights she has spent with us by herself. She is growing up way too fast!

Aker, growing up way too fast!

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  1. .Your little granddaughter is beautiful and the photo is amazing. I really enjoy your photos and your blog!

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