Friday through Wednesday, March 26-31—Photo Cycling and a Back Ache

Perhaps it was raking pine straw, just everyday life, or residual effects from the second COVID19 injection, but my back began aching again a couple of days ago. It’s tolerable, but very uncomfortable. Oh, to be young again.

For several years now, a camera accompanies me on just about every bicycle ride, short or long. A macro photographer on YouTube, Mike Moats, specializes in photo cycling, carrying his gear on a bicycle and riding trails until he finds something he wants to photograph. Dan Olson and I have watched his videos and believe it gives one an opportunity to cover more ground than covered on foot. Consequently, we planned to give it a try a couple of weekends ago on the Delta Heritage Trail near Helena, Arkansas, but weather prevented us from going. On Friday, we loaded up bicycles and photography gear, and drove to Two Rivers Park in Pulaski County just west of Little Rock. Loaded down with photography gear, we began our first photo ride.

Early morning spiderweb encased with water droplets
Dan Olson preparing for a shot
Deer grazing in the fog along the trail

It was a good time for wildflowers on both the north and south sides of the Arkansas River.

The trail through Burns Park offered even more photo opportunities, and a few butterflies were flittering about.

Eastern Tailed Blue

We road a total of 12.28 miles, with many stops. When time allows, we’ll do it again.

Saturday was a quiet day for us as the back ache worsened. We attended church on Palm Sunday, my first time in over a year and only Kay’s second. Fortunately, the church has taken safeguards to optimize social distancing, and it felt safe to be a congregant. 

Kay’s cut and color did not happen previously as I reported—an error on the calendar. However, she was able to get it the beautification procedure done on Monday. Though she is always pretty, she was extra special pretty after returning home from the stylist. She played pickleball Tuesday afternoon, and spent most of Wednesday morning working with the Duffer’s orientation. Also of note was returning her remaining diamond earring to its seller for a replacement match for the one lost when she was removing a “COVID” mask

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