Wednesday through Monday, February 10-15—Another Injury and Parties

The weather here in Casa Grande is delightful these days with highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s, accompanied by a slight breeze.  On Wednesday Kay and I took advantage of the awesome weather and did a double whammy: pickleball and golf. As has been reported in this journal before, her golf game continues to improve; we both putted poorly, though. A highlight on Wednesday was getting an appointment for our first COVID vaccination. Kay had been working the internet furiously the last few weeks attempting to make an appointment for us for these vaccinations. However, Arizona was not taking patients under 75, thus neither of us qualified. That changed earlier this week, and Kay was able to make an appointment for Friday, February 19; we were excited. Though it is 10 days away, we are looking forward to it, and the second, and getting to hug our kids, grandkids, and friends. Because of the timing, we may be delayed in leaving Arizona by a few days, but what the heck!

With fairly strict adherence to social distancing, our lives are settling into rather regular, but not boring routine. With a bit of time Thursday morning, I made banana muffins—really good! Enough were left over for a couple more mornings.

As we were awaiting pickleball play Friday afternoon, Kay received a call from Banner Health Clinic to confirm our COVID BOOSTER vaccinations next Friday, February 19. Kay related to the caller that it was not a booster, but our first. The caller said that boosters were being given next Friday,  but could we come in now for the initial injection. Since we were only a half mile away, Kay replied in the affirmative, and we were in the clinic within 10 minutes; 30 minutes later we were back at the RV, and the on the pickleball courts! Blessed! As a side note, the entire staff at Banner Clinic was helpful, considerate, and kind, giving one a “feel good” feeling. Why can’t all clinics be like that?

First Moderna vaccination

Mixed pickleball occurs on Saturdays, and it has a huge number of participants. I typically try to play both morning and afternoon sessions, but one of the side effects (for me) of the COVID19 injection was extremely sore, achy knees—first the right, and then the left. Surprisingly, it left the right knee about noon, after playing the morning session, but the left knee pain cranked up a bunch; it was bed almost all afternoon and evening—better days ahead, though!

Poor Kay; she opted to wash clothes Sunday morning, Valentine’s Day of all days. She was served breakfast in bed, though, to show how much she is appreciated.

Banana muffins, one of Kay’s favorites

I was scheduled to play “Partners” pickleball with Bev Graham, and we made it through a warm-up game and midway through the first official game. I was going for a right sideline return after having moved to center court, and excruciating pain enveloped my left knee and I almost fell. Limping to the nearby wall, the knee was on fire with pain. Hobbling to the bicycle, and then the RV, for an ice pack. The knee was nursed the remainder of the afternoon while Kay played a great game of golf, as she continues to improve seemingly every stroke. We had happy hour and Valentine’s Day dinner with the HSV group here at Palm Creek, followed by a martini street party—exciting times!

Monday was spent mostly in bed, elevating the knee and alternating cold and heat packs. Kay played pickleball—the day becoming an all too common one.

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