Friday through Tuesday, February 5-9, 2021—More Birds

As I was still down and out with the back injury, Friday and Saturday were rather mundane, spent mostly updating software and apps, and editing photos. Kay did play pickleball on Saturday, though taking it easy with ankle and knee issues. We’re a couple of pitiful, injury ridden “mature” adults!

Sunday was a car trip day—the thought process was that most people would be indoors watching the Super Bowl; wrong! Our drive to Madera Canyon south of Tucson was without much traffic, but Madera Canyon was packed. The trails were crowded, though almost everyone was masked. We opted to hike a portion of the Madera Canyon Nature Trail near the Whitehouse Picnic Area. Jays were abundant, and several deer posed for photography while browsing. Fellow hikers were very considerate to socially distance.

Mexican Jay
So cute
Acorn Woodpecker

From the picnic area, we continued the canyon ascent to Santa Rita Lodge, where they feed birds and have great observation areas. Again, most visitors were respectful, and socially distanced.

Lesser Goldfinch
Lesser Goldfinch
House Finch
Yellow-eyed Junco
Lincoln’s Sparrow

After Santa Rita Lodge, we drove to the Madera Canyon Picnic Area; it was packed. After a couple of circuits, we found someone vacating a parking spot, which we soon occupied. The flaming red Pyracantha Shrub, practically invisible from the road, was highly visible from the south end of the picnic area. We waited there for several minutes for an appearance by the Elegant Trogan, our target bird, but had no luck. Reportedly, it was there earlier in the day. Despite it being mid-afternoon, we had a picnic lunch at one of the tables—really like day tripping! Traffic back “home” was heavy, but uneventful. A quiet evening followed as neither of us gets excited about the Super Bowl.

Mexican Jay

Monday and Tuesday were filled with pickleball as injuries subsided—a return to near normal. Oh, by the way and not to rub it in, the weather here in Casa Grande, Arizona, is fantastic with highs in the 70s, lows in the 50s, and a slight breeze. We are blessed.

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