Saturday, December 5—One More Time

With lots of time only hands, I opted to go to the Rodriquez property one more time. I arrived about noon, and it was warmer (55°) than in previous days. The usual suspects were around, including lots of quail. A Broad-billed Hummingbird made its rounds to the feeder about every 15 minutes. A few Scrub Jays also dropped in and a not-often-seen Crissal Thrasher made an appearance.

Broad-banded Hummingbird
Pyrrhuloxia (Desert Cardinal)
Lesser Goldfinch
Woodhouse’s Scrub Jay
Broad-banded Hummingbird

Mr. Rodriquez walked by to say hello and we conversed for several minutes; nice gentleman!

The evening was spent editing photos, and catching up on email and social media—to the extent that poor internet service allowed. Numerous attempts were made to load blog entries, but no success. Tomorrow is moving day, it was early to bed.

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