Thursday and Friday, January 30-31, 2020—Golf at Quarry Pines, Cancer Awareness Weekend, Balloon Fest

Hot Springs Village foursome played golf today at Quarry Pines Golf Club (formerly known as The Pines Golf Club at Marana). It was a unique course offering a mix of dramatic elevation changes and stunning mountain views with 18 enjoyable holes. In 2000, following a decision to abandon the sand and gravel quarry adjacent to the original golf course, the Town of Marana and the quarry/golf course owner agreed on a plan that would reclaim the quarry. By relocating 10 golf holes into the old quarry and reconfiguring 8 of the existing holes one of Tucson’s most popular golf courses was transformed. Today the unique desert landscape is highlighted by dramatic elevation changes and the addition of thousands of trees. It was a difficult and challenging course.

Music, food, balloons, and vendors; what else could one ask for. Cancer Awareness Weekend is a big deal at Palm Creek. Friday, the street was blocked off and food trucks occupied the otherwise busy “thoroughfare”. Table and chairs were set up in the plaza and a great band played on the bandstand. It was crowded, but not overly so. We ate lunch and listened to the band for awhile before returning to the RV. Since it was Friday, the Hot Springs Villagers gathered for pickle ball, after which we joined the crowd to observe the lighted hot air balloons. It was a sight to behold.

Listening to the band
Primary street blocked for food trucks
Lighted hot air balloons

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