Tuesday, January 28, 2020—Veterans Oasis Park, Chandler, AZ

Noting bird locations on a popular Facebook site, Veterans Oasis Park in Chandler, AZ, was mentioned several times as hosting a Vermillion Flycatcher (of which I wanted to make a photograph). We made the relative short drive to Chandler, another suburb of Phoenix, to visit the park. Veterans Oasis Park and Environmental Education Center was opened as a mixed-use facility in April 2008. The center includes four classrooms for wildlife preservation and environmental awareness, exhibit areas, outdoor amphitheater, nature store and an urban fishing lake, all surrounded by more than four miles of trails. A primary purpose of the facility is to recharge reclaimed water into the ground for later use. Entrance to the Environmental Education Center is free and visitors are welcome to view the exhibits and walk the trails around the urban fishing lake. Though not as well known as the GWR, it is nevertheless a wonderful place to bird and make photographs, including hummingbirds in flight.

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
Anna’s Hummingbird
Red-tailed Hawk
Great Egret
Greater Roadrunner

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