Thursday, January 31—Manzanilla, Mexico

Manzanilla, Mexico’s largest port city as we arrive at dawn

After arriving in Mexico’s largest port city, Manzanillo, just before dawn, we were up and on the aft deck for breakfast. Our early morning was to enable Kay to disembark for an 8:00 AM “shore excursion“ consisting of a tour of the city and its surrounding areas.

Beautiful southern Mexico coastline and beach

While Kay was touring, I escaped to the upper indoor lounge to send and read emails and Facebook, and work on photos and this blog. After several attempts to publish the blog, I gave up and resorting to posting the write-ups and accompanying photos on Facebook. From here internet becomes prohibitively expensive! After completing all this, an audio book provided the rest of the morning’s entertainment.

Manzanilla, at daybreak

A quick soak in the hot tub was followed by lounging on the deck in the warm breeze. Subsequent to Kay returning from the shore excursion, we had lunch and a brief afternoon nap. Dinner at the Orchid Garden, the complimentary Asian restaurant—best food yet—and the Flying Fingers of Stephen Kane, a really good pianist and the day’s featured show, were followed by lounge time listening to live music, ending another fine day.

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