Wednesday, January 30—Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Early risers again, before sunrise, and armed with strong coffee, the quiet of the forward  lounge provided a great opportunity to work on the blog and “read” an audio book. Just before sunrise, we were off to the other end of the ship for breakfast outside. As Mexico’s western shoreline came into view, we were again treated to blowing and breaching whales. 

We arrived in port about an hour early, but Kay and I opted to remain on the ship and enjoy a relatively quiet and peaceful day.

Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta

Fifteen minutes in the sun-shrouded hot tub was enough; the cooling wind off the ocean provided just the right amount of relief from the sunny day as we lounged in the shade by the pool. 

Love the hat

The day went quickly, perhaps because of an afternoon nap. We left for dinner at the complimentary Asian restaurant at 5:30 PM in order to avoid the later crowd and make a 7 PM show; the restaurant was packed and there was a wait to be seated. The food was good. We left with 10 minutes to spare to make the show, but found it already underway at 6:50 pm. And then an internal alarm went off; we were supposed to turn the clock ahead last night. We had operated all day one hour behind schedule, but no adverse impacts as we made the 9 PM show. Oh, the joys and benefits of retirement! The show, Swing, was perhaps the best cruise production we’ve seen— both the dancing and singing were superb. Afterward, we sang a couple of songs at the karaoke bar before retiring for the evening.

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