Monday thru Saturday, September 16-30—It’s Still Summer, but… (Part 2)

On September 21, Kay and I got annual flu shots at the church, hoping to stave off the deadly flue for another year. The new improved shingles shot awaits, and the pneumonia shot from 4 years ago is still update.

We took another big step to modernize, increase efficiency, and reduce monthly costs this month. On September 22 we officially ‘cut the cord’. The monthly internet access and cable television bill—ATT Uverse—kept increasing. After a lot of research, we opted to switch to Suddenlink internet coverage, and subscribe to YouTube TV and the local PBS affiliate. Internet speed increased from 16 megabytes/second to 100 megabytes/second with unlimited data and no throttling, and we stream the shows we like and prefer, including local network affiliates; net monthly savings is approximately $115. Also, Kay switched us to 55 Unlimited with Verizon. This plan allows us two cell lines with unlimited calls, text, and data as well as coverage in Canada and Mexico; this resulted in about $15 in monthly savings.

After 4 years, Kay switched to a new dentist and hygienist; we had kept our northern Arkansas dentist (Dr. Lane) and hygienist since leaving in October 2014. This was a hard decision, but the time had come to find dental care closer to home.

With mixed emotions, we traded the 2004 Expedition on September 25 for a 2018 Honda CRV. It was time, and we are now a 100% Honda family (except for the motorhome).


Bye-bye great car (2004 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer Edition)

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