Sunday, August 19—Flight 93 National Memorial

Curved walls near the Visitor Center

Today, we toured the Flight 93 National Memorial. The memorial is located southeast of Pittsburgh some 45 miles, on a flat plain high atop the mountains. In the Visitor Center itself, a somber feeling of sadness, and intense anger permeated our very beings; I was so emotionally overwhelmed by artifacts and personal stories from the crash that I had to leave the building. God help us if something like this happens now.

The National Memorial is in two parts: the upper area where the Visitor Center and towering, curved walls are located and the lower area where a wall memorializes the crew and passengers, listing their names. The entire memorial is well done, with many symbolisms, etc. For example, the walls adjacent to the Visitor Center follow the flight path of Flight 93 just before it crashed. The slight curve is almost imperceptible, until viewed from a distance, particularly looking at the crash site. The crash site itself is marked by a huge boulder, underneath where the remains of the plane are buried.

View of the crash site (upper left center) from the Visitor Center

The memorial wall and crash site (upper center)

Lower curved wall memorializing the crew and passengers of Flight 93

Actual crash site marked by huge boulder

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