Saturday, August 18—Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

After a delicious breakfast of orange juice, coffee, mixed fruit, lemon blueberry muffin, egg and cheese casserole, and bacon, we toured Gettysburg National Battlefield Park via the “upper deck” of an open air bus. Monuments were everywhere, though not many form the Confederate side. It’s difficult to imagine the sounds, smells, cries, and casualties that resulted from the battle. As might be expected, the battlefield history is much too complex to be covered in a week, much less two hours; nor can it be covered in this blog to the depth required.

Canons behind original stone barricade
Another canon behind stone barricade 
Famous Little Round Top
Canons, with the patina of age

Following the tour, we watched a short film, viewed an amazing cyclorama of Pickett’s Charge, and toured the visitor center museum.

Kay with bronze of President Lincoln

A brief tour of the Eisenhower farm followed, and then we did our own picture-taking driving tour of the battlefield (rain prevented our cycling the battlefield roads). We managed a full 10-hour day of sightseeing today.

Eisenhower retirement house
Eisenhower’s barn

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