Sunday thru Thursday, December 10-14—All About The Book Club

The weather here in the Valley has turned a bit chilly, at least by RGV standards, limiting outside activities.
Kay’s friend since kindergarten, Sue Srozynski, visited Kay in Hot Springs Village Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, to assist in decorating, view the Christmas lights at Garvan Woodland Gardens, and spend a little money at the slots at Oaklawn Casino.
Garvan Woodland Gardens
On Wednesday, I did a short afternoon bicycle ride, despite the chill and wind; was opting for a longer ride but thought that rear tire was losing air.

Thursday was the big day for The Book Club Party; all had a great time.

Too much wine…

I departed for home in Hot Springs Village after playing golf with Tim, Sue, and John at Palm Creek in the afternoon, stopping for the night at Hotel Texas in Hallettsville.

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