Monday thru Saturday, December 4-9—Settling In

During Kay’s visit to the ER on November 12 (before we left for the Rio Grande Valley), an EKG indicated that she had a right bundle branch block (RBBB), a heart block in the electrical conduction system. During a RBBB, the right ventricle is not directly activated by impulses traveling through the right bundle branch. Consequently, as a follow-up, this Monday she visited Dr. Giraldo, my cardiologist here in the RGV. He did not find anything seriously wrong, but ordered a stress test be done after the holidays. Seems like all we do these days is play golf and go to medical appointments!
On Friday, we received word that my cousin, Walker Dunn, passed after a 4-year struggle with multiple myeloma. Walkie, as we called him, was quite an interesting and unique individual, and had 4 beautiful/good looking children. Fortunately, Walkie and I had rekindled our friendship after many years of going different directions. Late in the day, Kay and I were driving around the area and spotted these birds completely covering the road for several hundred feet before scattering to this area.

Kay is hosting The Book Club Christmas meeting this year at our house in Hot Springs Village.  Consequently, she flew home on Saturday to decorate the house, complete Christmas shopping, and attend several social functions.

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