Thursday and Friday, November 23-24—Thanksgiving and Cycling

We celebrated Thanksgiving day much as we would at home, absent Jenny, Brian, and Harper—sure miss them.  Kay began cooking early, making cornbread and biscuits for momma’s dressing, then compiling the ingredients for the finished product; in addition, she made her speciality green bean bundles. We gathered with others at the Activities Center for a semi potluck, sharing food at our table with 3 other couples.

Except for that brief flurry of activity, and Kay’s being hampered by shingles, we’re both staying pretty close to the RV.  However, I did manage to get out with Van for a short cycle ride of 11.2 miles.

The motorhome got a beauty treatment Friday morning, with a wash and dry; not too bad, but it will be dusty/dirty in a couple of weeks because of the wind and blowing dust.

Cycling was amped up on this day as Van came by and asked if I was interested in pedaling to Best Buy, perhaps 7 or so miles away. I agreed, but after stopping at Best Buy, we continued to ride on 26h Street north (great bicycle lane), all the way to Edinburg, and then back to the RV resort, some 38.8 miles. In retrospect, we both overdid it!

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