Monday thru Wednesday, November 20-22—Another Doctor, Cycling, and Golf

During Kay’s visit last week to the Mission Regional Hospital ER, Dr. Rodriguez gave us names of internal medicine doctors that saw only adults. Kay phoned Dr. Abreu at the top at the top of the list and they offered to work her in as the day progressed. We drove to her office, Kay filled out paperwork, and we returned to the motorhome to await their call. In the afternoon, they called, and Kay drove to the office and saw Dr. Abreu. Kay really liked her, and she prescribed a neurological block tablet that should ease the pain from shingles.
With Kay somewhat sidelined with shingles, she is somewhat down and out, not getting to do all the things she wants before departing for home on December 9. Consequently, I played golf on Tuesday at Palm View, lucky enough to meet up with and join Gil and Lucille again, so as not to play solo, shooting a 91.  

Despite winds of almost 20 mph, I did another short bicycle ride (10.2 miles) on Wednesday.

And then it was off to the National Butterfly Center where a few of the butterflies and a moth cooperated, posing briefly for the camera. Otherwise, things were pretty quiet for us.

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