Saturday through Wednesday, July 22-26—Washing and Packing the Motorhome

Great on the back!

High temperatures and equally high humidity has us ready to head to a cooler climate. Unable to find anyone to wash the RV, Kay and I opted to do the job ourselves today.  Our storage facility has a decent wash rack, with an elevated platform on one side.  Armed with a hose, washing liquid, brushes, and towels, we were able to complete the job in two hours, soaking wet from perspiration as much as the wash water. The motorhome was again stored awaiting a few days to begin packing (we are allowed to park the RV in the driveway for 72 hours; consequently, we will move it to the house on Tuesday for packing).

We were surprised with a visit from Aker, Ridge, and Karyn just before lunch—our final visit for a few weeks.  Aker and Ridge are growing entirely too fast, and both enjoy beach time.  Balboa beach offered warm water and sand, and despite the crowds, we had great time; Ridge is definitely a water kid, and is swimming like a fish, and Aker is getting more and more acclimated to the water, though still quite cautious.

Aker contemplating some mischief
Kay went to church on Sunday, and I stayed home recuperating from washing the RV and watching the final round of The Open.  Jordan Spieth is an incredible golfer and seeming an outstanding young man!

Monday was exercise day for Kay and golf for me.  Golf again was on the agenda for Tuesday while Kay volunteered to assist in preparing meals for the hungry at Jackson House in Hot Springs.  After golf, I moved the motorhome to the house, and set it up to begin preparation and packing for the trip north. We had a 50A outlet installed when the house was constructed, so the motorhome was fully operational as air conditioning was much needed in the sweltering heat and humidity. We also replaced the leaking “air” mattress (similar to Sleep Number) with one from our master bedroom. Water was drained from the fresh water tank and it and the pipes were sanitized, the hot water heater was drained and flushed, and packing began. Fortunately, we have numerous packing lists, and they prevent an otherwise daunting task.

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Wednesday morning was filled with a haircut, a medical appointment, and shopping.  I played golf in the afternoon while Kay accumulated here clothes and shoes. Except for refrigerated and frozen foods, and last minute items, we are about ready! Rain was forecast for our original “depart” date, Friday, and we discussed and opted to leave on Thursday afternoon IF we could finish packing and IF Tom Sawyer RV Park in West Memphis had an open slot.

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