Friday, May 19—Viking Homeland Cruise, Day 14, Stockholm, Sweden

Cruising into Stockholm early Friday morning, we thought we were back in Quetico Wilderness in Ontario, Canada.  Small, wooded, sparsely inhabited islands surrounded us as we sailed slowly into the city.  Viewing these islands while enjoying coffee on the balcony in the cool air was a peaceful conclusion to the 14-day cruise.   In fact, Stockholm extends over 14 islands linked by 57 bridges. 
One of many islands comprising Stockholm

Small Stockholm island

The closer to City Center, the larger the houses.  Stockholm, Sweden

Private residence on island that is part of Stockholm

Yet another island.  Stockholm, Sweden

Another island near City Center.  Stockholm, Sweden
Our tour guide, Stockholm, Sweden
After docking in Stockholm, we took the included tour “Journey through the Streets of Stockholm”.  Mostly a bus tour, our guide was quite fluent in English, with no accent.  Asked how he learned to speak English, he said by watching television.  In Sweden, television does not subtitles, so viewers had to learn the language spoken on the television!  We saw City Hall, the Parliament, the Royal Palace, and the Royal Opera, stopping to photograph building where the Nobel prizes are awarded.  Much like other European capitals, the elegant and clean capital city Stockholm was crowded with young folks enjoying the relatively warm, sunny day.
Baltic Sea waterfront, Stockholm, Sweden
Amusement park, Stockholm, Sweden (note the swings on the largest tower)
City Hall, Stockholm, Sweden
One of three towers, City Hall, Stockholm, Sweden
Waterfront, Stockholm, Sweden
Yours truly, Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm was the last stop on our Viking Homeland cruise.  We enjoyed a great dinner on this last evening in a small private dining room with Nan and George, Bernice and Jim, and Debra and Ralph.  Packing and putting luggage outside the door will be the order of the rest of the evening!

Weather today was sunny, with unusually warm with temperatures in the low 80s.

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