Monday, May 15—Viking Homeland Cruise, Day 10, Tallinn, Estonia

Red-roofed buildings in Tallinn, Estonia

Cobble-stone streets in Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn is one of Northern Europe’s best examples of a medieval village with cobbled streets and red-roofed buildings.  In the walled Upper Town on Dome Hill (Toompea), there are extraordinary government buildings and striking cathedrals, while the Lower Town is a network of 13th century streets, gabled houses, and churches, all encompassed in the 2-hour “included” tour accompanied by the aromas from the many confectioners’ shops filled with an almost infinite variety of marzipan.
Churches are everywhere in Europe, Tallinn, Estonia

Announcing a sale at one of the stores in Tallinn, Estonia

We adore the clocks in Europe—Tallinn, Estonia

George, the Viking—talking about Viking ocean cruises

Sweet Nan (on the left), Kay’s sister in Tallinn, Estonia

Marsipan pot, Tallinn, Estonia

149 Euros for these shoes in Tallinn, Estonia

Local Estonian selling wares at a store in Tallinn, Estonia
Of note regarding Tallinn and Estonia, in 1988, some 300,000 citizens rose up and sang against Soviet rule, effectively ending its communist chokehold on the small country of Estonia; this “singing revolution” was won without spilling any blood.
A visit to the ship’s infirmary confirmed a wicked virus and 102° fever; consequently, Tallinn was not on my itinerary today—bed, instead—and it was one of the cities I so wanted to see!

Weather for those who braved the elements was drizzling rain, cloudy, and 50°.

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