Sunday, May 14—Viking Homeland Cruise, Day 9, At Sea

Today was spent at sea—no ports of call.  It provided a welcome chance to rest, relax, catch up on correspondence, reading, and enjoying the ship’s great spa and recreational facilities.  I attempted to take full advantage of these, but began coughing after the Berlin excursion a couple days ago, and now feel achy.  Neither the hot tub nor sauna helped, and relief from the cough, aches, and sore joints could not be found—a stay-in-bed kind of day.

Kay did enjoy the ship’s amenities and variety of food choices during this “off” day.  She went to the spa on board the ship.  There, she enjoyed the resistance pool (similar to a continuous wave pool), the hot tub, the wet sauna, the dry sauna, the ‘ice’ room, and the heated lounge chairs.  A terry cloth robe and shoes were provided for each spa user.  The ice room was a cool down after the saunas.  Kay stayed in the steam sauna for about 3 minutes and only one minute in the ice room.  Burr!!  Those Baltic folks are made of more sturdy stock.  

It was mostly cloudy today with a high of 59°.

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