Thursday, May 11—Viking Homeland Cruise, Day 6, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Little Mermaid
A beautiful city indeed, the busy port city of Copenhagen dates back more than 850 years.  The world’s oldest amusement park, Tivoli Gardens, calls Copenhagen home, as does The Little Mermaid statue.
The Little Mermaid
The city has grand palaces, including Amalienborg, the royal winter residence, and Rosenborg Castle, home of the Danish Crown Jewels.  While we were touring Amalienborg’s huge inner courtyard, two of the residences were being used by the royal family as evidenced by the flag flying on top of the “apartments”. 
Amalienborg, the royal winter residence

Amalienborg, the royal winter residence
Guard, Amalienborg, the royal winter residence
Copenhagen also has an ultra-modern opera house and separate theater overlooking the harbor. 
Copenhagen Opera House
Our included excursion included a 3 hour bus tour of the city.
More bicycles

Kay at Gefion Fountain, circa 1900

Copenhagen’s weather today was cloudy and 48°.

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