Wednesday thru Friday, March 1-31—Winter Is Over

Kay and I continued playing golf in the Valley in early March, enjoying warm temperatures and high winds.  And, I got in some final bicycle rides on “level” ground before returning to the hills and hollers of Arkansas.  Activities are winding down in the Valley, as many residents left March 1, heading north, west, and east.  Our friend and neighbor, Jim Miles, returned from New Brunswick where he spent the winter with wife Reggie, recovering from serious liver issue.  It was so good to get to visit with him.

While the weather was fantastic in the RGV this winter, my activities—particularly birding, butterflies, and photography—were significantly hampered by back pain from lumbar spinal stenosis; almost two years of spinal injections are not working!  We started saying our goodbyes on March 9, and departed for the trip home to Hot Springs Village early on Saturday morning, March 11, arriving at Carthage RV Campground for overnighting—nice place to spend the night.  Up relatively early, we drove the remaining 300+ miles home, glad to be back in our stick house.  The process of unloading went quickly, and the motorhome was stored awaiting our next trip.Kay and I have made the trip so many times now, that we are able to return to “normal” activities at either place instantly.  So, it was back to golf, haircuts, beauty appointments, church, etc.

Ridge and Aker and parents came to visit shortly after our return home, and it was great getting to spend time with the grandkids, and parents, too!  Kay took Karyn, Ridge, and Aker to Garmin Gardens on Friday, and the grandkids enjoyed the playground at Mountainside UMC at a hike on the Beaver Dam Trail on Saturday morning (Karyn spotted 4 snakes on the trail).  Karyn and Aker returned home Saturday evening, but Ridge wanted to spend another “night nap” with DD and KK.  He had a great time catching up on Netflix action hero shows Saturday night, and returned to his mom, via KK, on Sunday morning.

I began our first round of spring medical appointments on March 24 with Dr. De Castro, my neurologist.  I told him the spinal injections were not working, and we decided on surgery.  An MRI was done the following day, and surgery was scheduled for April 4!
Kay ended the month by having our taxes prepared, and finding out we owe the IRS $X,XXX.  Too bad we’re not wealthy and tax free, but someone has to fuel the country!!!

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