Friday, October 28—KATY Trail: Day 6, Augusta to St. Charles, Missouri

Today marks our final ride, creating both excitement and sadness.
After overnighting in Washington, Missouri, we shuttled back to Augusta for a lecture by Dr. Anita Mallinkrodkt, and expert in German culture in Missouri.  Her lecture today focused on the relationship between German settlements in this region and the Missouri River.  She was an excellent speaker and quite entertaining, though I have different views that those she expressed regarding water resources work by the US Army Corps of Engineers.
161028 E 113
We walked to the Augusta trailhead for our final leg of this fantastic bicycle trip.  This portion of the trail featured many beautiful old buildings and trailside rock formations.
161028 E 114
161028 E 115
161028 E 116
161028 E 118
161028 E 117
Trail traffic was much heavier than on any other day of the ride with young, old, and in between enjoying being outside on a nice fall day.  We enjoyed a good lunch at Wine Country Gardens in Defiance, Missouri, where we also had a group photo taken—what a motley crew!
161028 E 121
The last segment of the day’s ride took us through Daniel Boone country—spending much of the last 15 years of his life here, he formed a town at the location shown in the photo, and his house (built by his son), still standing, is not far away.
161028 E 119
161028 E 120
The day’s ride, 33.8 miles in unseasonably warm weather, ended in St. Charles, Missouri.  This also marked the end of the KATY Trail ride.
161028 E 122
IMG 3618
After stowing the bicycles in the car, enjoying the hot tub, and relaxing for an hour or two, we met the rest of the group for dinner at The Mother In Law House in historic St. Charles.  The food was very good, but saying goodbye was not so much fun; we spent the last several days with 36 participants and 6 support team members in relatively close quarters, and enjoyed may great conversations. 
IMG 3619
IMG 3620
IMG 3621
IMG 3622
IMG 3623
IMG 3624
IMG 3625
IMG 3626
IMG 3627
The Road Scholar KATY Trail trip was a blast, and one of my favorite all time things to have done—I’d do it again in a heartbeat.  Tomorrow’s blog will be a wrap-up of this fantastic experience—the good, the bad, and the ugly if you will.

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