Sunday through Sunday, May 1-15—Grandkids, Golf, Fishing, and Doctors

We have not fallen off the face of the earth as lack of blog and Facebook posts might suggest; rather, we’ve been enjoying grandkids, golf (and all that Hot Springs Village has to offer), and fishing between rain events.  

We have begun a routine of playing bridge with Jim and Jackie Morris on Sunday evenings, and began the month with a lively bridge game.  The next morning after exercise, Kay began baking for the United Methodist Women’s annual bazaar (the largest “garage” sale in the Village), and continued baking throughout the week.

160505 E 060

She had several meeting the first week in May, including a PEO meeting and the UMW Naomi Circle at our house.  (Did I mention how much we like Hot Springs Village?)  We ended the week with my driving to Norfork to “assist” best friend Wayne in installing a new compressor for the dash AC in the motorhome—as you might expect, Wayne does it all.  We are so thankful for his and Loretta’s friendship and help.  Kay finishing baking, and with Karyn’s assistance, worked the UMW Bazaar.  By the way, Karyn had a ball and Kay really enjoyed spending time with Karyn to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Ron came by on Sunday to celebrate Mother’s Day as well; with both Karyn and Ron visiting over the course of the weekend, Kay was a very happy mom!  Of course, interspersed with all these activities was golf almost every day, at least for me.

On May 11, Kay had cataract removal surgery on her right eye, with follow-up appointments the next few days.  The surgery was quite successful, and she is seeing much better, except close-up.  Also following surgery, she joined Pam in Little Rock for dinner with the “old girls” from Northwood HS.

Birds and butterflies returned this month  A pair of Mississippi Kites regularly hang out in a tree above the dock and with the butterfly bushes in full bloom, butterflies have finally begun visiting our place.

160512 E 002

160514 E 003

160514 E 007

We had Friday night catfish dinner at Mulligan’s (Ponce de Leon) with new friend and golf buddy Donald Atchley.  Karyn and the kids came for the weekend just after we arrived home, and we had a blast. 160514 E 011 



160515 E 013

160514 E 008

160514 E 001

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