Friday through Saturday, April 1-30—Grandkids, Golf, and Fishing

We began the month with a visit from Karyn, Ridge, and Aker.  The three of them, along with Kay, visited Garvan Woodland Gardens and Mid-America Science Museum in Hot Springs, and had a great time.  During the week, I played golf, bicycled, and walked, along with lots of piddlin’.

160402 E 016

160409 E 018160409 E 021

The following weekend, Tim and Roseann Sikora, RV friends from the RGV, visited. Tim and I fished, while Roseann and Kay took in the sights of Hot Springs, including mineral baths and massages.




On Monday, a visit to an ophthalmologist revealed cataracts in both eyes and stigmatism in my left eye—formerly my better eye!  A new and stronger prescription for a solo contact for the left eye resulted.  Both Kay and I played golf during the week, bicycled, and piddled around the house.  We had a quiet weekend, at least for us.

I played golf the following week while Kay focused on book club—casino night on Tuesday, and then Crystal Bridges Wednesday and Thursday.

160421 E 029160422 E 030

Karyn, Ridge, and Aker joined us for the weekend, and we had a blast, fishing, canoeing, and attending the Farm to Table Festival here in the Village.  Ridge really liked the kids’ zone, and especially the Bounce House where he jumped and ran for what seemed like an hour.  Ridge learned to cast an open-faced spinning reel, and was rewarded with his very first fish—the look of surprise and “What do I do now?” expression were priceless.  Matt joined us Saturday afternoon late, and we continued the festive weekend. 

160423 E 040

The last week of the month, I played golf, bicycled, and fished—what more could one ask for—and the golf was decent and fishing excellent. 

There were many more “memorable” experiences during the month, including our first of the season (FOS) RubyThroated Hummingbird, Green Heron, and Mississippi Kite.  Lots of butterflies are flittering about in the Village, but not many around our house.  However, the butterfly bushes, lantana, marigolds, and other plants will be flowering very soon.  

I could not remember other “memorable” moments!  We kind of like this retirement lifestyle.

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