Monday through Tuesday, June 15-30—Summer Has Arrived

150618 E 001

The almost constant rain has essentially ceased, and summer Arkansas temperatures have risen into the 90s.  Because of the super wet conditions this spring, we didn’t get to take advantage of the typically great spring temperatures, and many outdoor offerings Hot Springs Village had to offer eluded us.  We are hoping for a great cool, dry fall.  As this paragraph is being written, Tuesday, June 23, temperatures are expected to reach 97° shortly after noon.

We still have moisture in the crawl space of the new house, but Renaissance is working hard to find the problem and fix it.  The entire front French drain and gutter drains were replaced.  We still have water pouring off the rear of the house when it rains at the corner of the sun room and lakeside guest bedroom.  The gutter and gutter guard have been altered, but thus far, to no avail as of this writing.

Father’s Day weekend was special, with a visit from daughter Jenny and her family.  We had a great time, and though they missed the Norfork house, they immensely enjoyed the Hot Springs Village house and especially the lake.  Harper is such a doll, and can lure you into doing whatever she wants with just a glance of her pretty eyes and face.  She is a precocious child, and is super active.  Her hand and eye coordination is phenomenal, and when combined with her lack of fear, can be a challenge to us older adults!  Jenny was an only child, so it is very interesting and amazing to witness the differences in our grandkids, and especially the young ones.  They are all special in their own way, and we just love them to death.  And I received very heartwarming notes, cards, and calls from extra son, Ron, and daughter, Karyn; I often wonder how a person can be so blessed, especially to have such great bonus kids—praise God.

150620 R 007

150620 R 009

150620 R 004

Kay and I hit the golf course, together, about once a week, and I have joined two groups of men from church for golf on Tuesdays and Fridays, respectively.  The game is coming along for us both, as we improve each time we play.  It can be so frustrating, though, to make a great shot, than follow with a bad one—Kay calls golf the devil’s game.  We have also begun to go bike riding, and while it’s great, the hills really kick our butts!

Kay returned to northern Arkansas late in the month for preparation for a dental crown.  We really like our dentist there (Dr. Lane in Calico Rock), and it is worth the 3 1/2 hour drive each way to have him do our dental work.

We are beginning to see a few butterflies, but no where to the extent we saw them in Baxter County.  We have lots of dragon flies and damsel flies, though, and it will be a challenge to photograph them. 

150628 E 004

150625 E 002

It appears that my lower back pain is getting worse, and walking with a cane is pretty standard the first couple of hours each morning, and not too much fun.  Being new to Hot Springs Village, we are in no man’s land in terms of a new doctor, and after two unreturned phone calls to the appointments desk, I had not been able to get an appointment with our new primary care physician.  And, we can’t self refer to a neurologist or neurological surgeon.  The only option left was to visit the walk-in clinic on the west side of Hot Springs Village.  The PA did an exam, and indicated that a more detailed exam should be made; but he didn’t know if he could convince Medicare to cover an MRI—time will tell.  My rant for the month has to do with our medical system, and right now, I’m none too happy with it, and no, I don’t believe it is entirely the government’s fault (unreturned phone calls, appointments 3 and 4 months out, seeing a PA for an illness visit but an MD for a wellness visit, etc.)

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