Monday through Sunday, June 1-14—A New Normal?

Thank goodness life has settled down a bit, though we seem to stay busy with family and friends, and are involved in some of the many activities available at Hot Springs Village.  Again thankfully, we are slowly transitioning into a routine.
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We really enjoyed John and Sandy’s visit.  John and I opened the month with a “mountain” drive over the Quachita Mountains.  The Winona Scenic Drive had many sections over 1,700 feet, which is high for Arkansas, and several great vistas.  Hoping to see a Diana’s Fritillary butterfly, we captured a photo (via cell phone so quality is poor) of this beauty instead.  I’ve asked for help with identity.
Our additional big events for this blog entry included lunch with Kaden (Kay’s 19-year old grandson), dinner and bridge with Jim and Jackie, Kay’s high school class (50-year) reunion, and attending Ridge’s (Kay’s 3 1/2-year old grandson) T-ball game.
Also, we selected new doctors in Hot Springs, and made appointments.  This was a big deal, and sounds easier than it actually was.  Many doctors in this area are not accepting new patients, and of those that do, several do not accept Medicare patients.  And of those few that do, the earliest available appointments are in October at the soonest.  We’re hopeful that the doctors selected are good—at least they have good ratings—and we were able to get appointments to for them to see us within a few weeks; time will tell.
As for our routine, Kay works out at Christ of the Hills UMC on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and at the Coronado Fitness Center on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, time permitting.  I work out at the Coronado Fitness Center three times a week as well, and rarely miss.  And, I have signed up to play the Tuesday golf scramble with the men at Christ of the Hills.  In fact, I managed 3 rounds this last week, including a hot, muggy round with Kay at Ponce de Leon Golf Course—95° and high humidity, too.

We are working hard to get to know folks in Hot Springs Village, particularly neighbors, and catching up on old friendships.  The Village is somewhat unique in that each resident has several things in common with every other resident, whether it be faith, religion, pastimes, sports, and culture, and though there are some significant differences in affluence, most everyone in the Village has had a successful career, and moved here for many of the same reasons.

1 thought on “Monday through Sunday, June 1-14—A New Normal?

  1. glad to see things becoming a new normal… we had hope to come thru ARK but all the weather chased us further east… maybe next time we can swing your way…

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