Monday through Tuesday, April 6-Apr 14—Still in a Holding Pattern

Spring has fully arrived in Hot Springs Village as the trees have all leaved out, golf fairways are greening, dogwoods are blooming, turkeys are gobbling, more butterflies are arriving. In this last regard, we have seen several Falcate Orange Tips, several Easter Tiger Swallowtails, one Giant Swallowtail, and perhaps a Zebra Swallowtail (couldn’t get an identifying look).  But, except for the lone male Ruby-throated Hummingbird we saw last week, no others have been seen.

Our week was full, but uneventful.  We walked about 10 miles of trails as part of the HSV April trail marathon event, worked out at the fitness center several times, and made trips to Hot Springs and Little Rock, the latter for Kay to pick up a Big Green Egg from Sam’s Club, about $300 cheaper than the nearest retail outlet!  In addition to the Big Green Egg purchase—part of our SKI Club activities (SKI Club:  Spend Kids’ Inheritance)—we were hit by a deer in the Expedition on Saturday, without any significant damage to either the SUV or the deer.  Fortunately, we were not in the Honda as it may have done considerable damage, and the deer hit us, not the other way around.  The deer hit the driver’s door as we were traveling about 40 mph.

We also attended the HSV Two-Steppers dance on Friday night; we met some very nice folks, but the dance was just okay as a play list of canned music was used, and it wasn’t really our kind of CW music.  Also, we hosted son Ron for a few nights as he sold his house and is homeless for a few days.  Kay, Karyn, and Acker—three generations—visited Garvin Gardens on Thursday enjoying a beautiful display of flowers.

150411 E 001

The HSV house is progressing ever so slowly, but actually nearing completion—not uncommon—as we are literally watching paint dry.  Last minute items are underway and minor fixes, repairs, additions, and changes are being made.  The cleaning folks were there Friday and Saturday morning, doing a great job, and the house looks different.  Kay thinks it looks larger, but I think it looks smaller.

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