Monday through Sunday, March 30-Apr 5—Busy Times This Week

This week saw March come to an end and April begin, along with a fast-starting spring.  Winter struck here the last 3 weeks in February, completion of the Hot Springs Village House has consequently been delayed.  Of course, the domino affects have rearranged all our plans as well.  Much to our dismay, we’re getting booted out of the rental house before our house is finished, and Kay struggled to find another place to live for a few days—we ultimately resorted to our standby, a one room efficiency apartment that won’t even hold our clothes from the motorhome—as this is the heart of golf season with lots of corporate rentals of houses.  And all the stuff we’ve been accumulating at the rental house to go in the new house has to be moved again, now to an almost overflowing storage room, before it is moved once more to the new house. Combined with Kay’s son selling his house this week, buying a new house in a couple of weeks, and getting married on May 2, seems like everything is happening at the same time.  Out of desperation, Kay called Brandon Tedder, owner of Renaissance Homes, Inc. on Monday morning requesting a closing date no later than April 28 to accommodate delivery of furniture from two different companies and moving two storage facilities’ worth of personal goods, all before Kay’s son’s wedding on May 2.  Brandon completely understood and offered a completion date and closing for April 24.  It was a tremendous relief for us, and one could see the months of built-up stress disappear from each of us.  And as a bonus, with the end of spring break, we saw significant action at the house by the subcontractors.

As if to signal that all was well with the world, a  dogwood tree near the new house burst out in bloom on Wednesday, April 1, no foolin’.  To continue with signs of spring, we saw our first Ruby-throated Hummingbird, a male, on the morning of April 2, and leaves are appearing on many of the trees in the area, it is a sign that spring is definitely here. 

150401 E 011

We are focusing most of our energy these days on getting ready to move in to the new Hot Springs Village house; so golf has taken a backseat.  It’s just as well since springtime work is ongoing on most of the courses, and there are still wet spots on many of the fairways.  Greens were aerated and sanded on the course adjacent to the rental house, and the other courses will soon follow.  We bought televisions at Sam’s Club in Hot Springs on Wednesday evening and drove to Little Rock on Thursday to take care of business and continue purchasing things for the new house.  We also dropped by Maumelle to visit Karyn, Acker, Ridge, and Matt.  Friday, I drove to Hot Springs to have new brakes installed on the ’04 Expedition, pick up a mattress at the UPS store shipped from Costco, make returns from shopping the day before, and visit Sam’s Club.

Saturday, Ridge came to hunt eggs at the Hot Springs Village sponsored egg hunt, and was accompanied by mom, dad, and little sister; he had a blast and picked up two-thirds of a bucket of plastic eggs.  He came prepared to stay with KK and DD, but regrettably we had commitments on Sunday morning.

150404 E 004

150404 E 006

150404 E 010

And finally on Easter Sunday, we joined our fourth church together, Christ of the Hills United Methodist Church, here in Hot Springs Village.  After a lunch of leftovers, we hiked 3.1 miles on one of the many great trails in the Village.

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