Friday through Sunday, August 29-31—Another Month Gone

Back at home, it was time to take care of business!  I drove into Mountain Home on Friday morning for oil and an oil filter for the motorhome.  Returning home, I changed the oil and oil filter, and began greasing the motorhome, but ran out of grease.  Kay also drove into town to take care of business.  Otherwise, it was quiet on the home front.

Jenny, Brian, and Harper were scheduled to visit over the holiday weekend, but Harper had been sick for almost 3 weeks, and Jenny’s lack of rest and weak immune system resulted in her becoming sick, thus they are remaining home for much needed rest.  Consequently, Kay and I drove to central Arkansas on Saturday morning for a Malott (my mother’s side of the family) family reunion.  None of my mother’s generation is still living, and there are only 5 first cousins of the current “oldest” generation present.  It was good to see the cousins, but I didn’t know any of the children, grandchildren, or even great grandchildren.  With all of us aging, this may have been the last Malott family reunion. 10577071 10152430483211847 7328387248235084369 nNot having visited a driving range or playing golf for 3 days, we’re beginning to have golf withdrawal.

Despite this being a holiday weekend, we are almost back to normal, attending church and Sunday school today.  And then, of course, we ate at Chen’s Chinese buffet, and I was able to receive the senior citizen discount for the first time.  Upon returning home, I finishing greasing the motorhome and cleaning the stabilizing jacks, and Kay finished taking inventory of our household goods.  I slept the rest of the afternoon, and we thoroughly enjoyed a quiet evening.

Another month has come and gone, too quickly.  We really enjoyed our time in Hot Springs Village during the month, and experienced record low temperatures at the beginning of the month, only to return to hot, humid days at the end of the month.  Kay and I hit lots of golf balls, and played several rounds of golf; both our games are improving.  And, we further cemented lasting friendships, immensely enjoying spending time with our HSV “family”, cherishing the sense of community that exists there.  September will find us prepping the motorhome for the winter journey south, continuing efforts to sell our house, and enjoying the deer, turkeys, birds, and last of the season’s hummingbirds and butterflies hat inhabit our little place on this earth.

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