Sunday through Thursday, August 24-28—Wrapping Up “Summer”

Sunday included church and a family dinner at Cracker Barrel to celebrate my 65th birthday early, compliments of Karyn.  We sure enjoyed the visit, and of course, Ridge and I played before, during, and after the meal, much to the chagrin of nearby restaurant guests!  In his defense, he sat through church earlier, and then waited patiently in the restaurant for 30 minutes before Kay and I arrived!  Upon returning to the rental house, Kay and Pam went to Oaklawn to pickup their complimentary “gambling” money while I enjoyed some relative peace and quiet.

It’s still hot; in fact, today (Monday) is the hottest day of the year, with a high temperature of 99°.  It is highly possible that we will make it through the year without a 100° day.  Kay was off mid-morning to look at furniture and have some repairs done to the Honda CR V, and I drove to Arkansas Golf Center in Conway for my last of 12 golf lessons.  Today’s focus was on a fix for the ever-continuing fade, and by golly, Brannon installed a finish to my swing that should cure the problem.  Now, it’s a matter of practice, practice, practice.  Upon returning to the Village, Kay and I hit a few golf balls at Granada Golf Club, then had dinner at El Jimidor, in a humid, 85° restaurant (you think the AC wasn’t working).

Tuesday morning was quiet.  With a near noon tee time, I played golf with Jim, Fred, and Bill at Magellan, doing okay but not great as I’m working on the new and improved swing.  Kay did the Oaklawn Casino with several members of her book club; they had dinner there, and she returned to the rental house finishing the night ahead, money wise.  Jim, Fred, and I had a sandwich and beer at Charlie’s, a pizza place just outside the west entrance of the Village.  Life is good.

Today, Wednesday, is my 65th birthday.  Now, I can get the senior discount at Chen’s Chinese buffet!  Kay and I had an early afternoon tee time at Grenada Golf Club, one of the Village’s most scenic.  We both played the front nine (I scored a 48) and then Kay excused herself, and I played the back nine solo, shooting a 41, my best effort is many years.  She picked me up at 5 PM, and we went to dinner in Hot Springs, meeting Pam, Jim, Jackie, Martha, and Bobby, all to celebrate both Pam’s and my birthday.  The catfish was very good.

After a fun-filled 4 weeks in the Village, we packed everything up of ours at the rental house Thursday morning, and drove home, separately, arriving early afternoon, and finding everything okay.  We were quickly unpacked and returned to normal, or at least as normal as Kay and I get.

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