Sunday through Saturday, August 3-9—Dog Days of Summer

Kay and I left the house Sunday morning, she for church and I to meet a friend from California at Mt. Magazine State Park.  Kay’s plans included lunch with Pam in Hot Springs, and then a movie.  They saw Guardians of the Universe, and Kay said it was quite good.  After driving scenic Arkansas Highway 7 north to Arkansas Highway 10 west, and Arkansas Highway 309 north, I met Chris Tenney and his brother, Jeff, at the Visitor’s Center at Mt. Magazine State Park.  Chris is an accomplished amateur lepidopterist (butterfly person) who resides in our “circle” at Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort in Mission, Texas, and Jeff is an award-winning writer, having won a Spur award for an historical fiction account of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  Our goal was to see and photograph Arkansas’ state butterfly, the Diana Fritillary, but we struck out.  However, we did see some 25 other species of butterflies, including several male and female Giant Swallowtails, Pipevine and Spicebush Swallowtails, and numerous Skippers.  Kay and I arrived home about the same time, and spent the rest of the evening catching up on telephone calls, mail, text messages, junk television, etc.

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We took separate paths Monday morning—Kay was off to Coronado Fitness Center for exercise and an appointment with a personal fitness trainer, and I drove to Granada Golf Course Driving Range to hit a few balls.  Back together for lunch, we caught up on email, crossword puzzles, and iPad bridge until mid-afternoon, and then drove separately to Cortez Golf Course where Kay played 9 holes (and did well), and I played 18 (some good, some bad).  This is the second oldest course in the Village, but underwent a complete overhaul a few years ago.  This photo, taken from the white tees, does not do it justice, but shows its signature par 3 hole.  Afterwards, we watched two of our favorite programs, Major Crimes and Longmire.

140804 001E

Typical August weather has arrived, with highs in the low 90s, and the humidity is creeping up to an uncomfortable level.  Nevertheless, we are not going to let it stop our active lifestyle!  Kay was off to Christ of the Hills United Methodist Church for exercise this morning, while I was back on the Magellan Golf Course driving range Tuesday morning, hitting some 60 balls, and then spending time working on the short game.  After her exercise, Kay drove just out of the east side of the Village for another great haircut.  With plans to walk and play the executive length course, Coronado, a surprise call from Jim included an invitation to join him for 18 holes at Coronado.  We really compliment each other on the course, and had a great time.  I particularly hit the irons well.  

Wednesday proved to be a very busy day as we checked out RV storage at Bushee Storage, and to our surprise, found that a 45-foot unit had just become available—and we could store other “stuff” there as well.  Now, we have a decision to make!  Also on the agenda for the day was to check out marinas for a pontoon slip.  None of the Village’s marinas have lifts, and any boat stored would have to remain in the water; the marina on Lake Balboa did not have any covered slips available.  With time to spare before Kay’s chiropractor appointment, we drove around Lake Coronado checking out houses; there are few houses for sale around the various lakes in the Village, and all are priced at $135+ per square foot—despite their age and despite the location!  Kay was off for an adjustment on her left foot which has been bothering her for several months while I played the 18-hole Balboa Golf Course, walking instead of riding.  About mid-afternoon Kay drove to Benton to visit with Kaden a last time before he goes off to college, and then shopped with son, Ron, for a few hours, returning to the Village about 8 PM. 

Wow, the heat and humidity combination is uncomfortable.  It’s been a while since we’ve been in Arkansas for the hottest part of summer, and with the mild weather up to this week, it appeared that the hot, hot weather bullet had been dodged—and in some respects, it has as temps have not exceeded 95°.  However, even with temps in the mid-90s, any outside activities result in soaking wet clothes.  Kay was off to exercise Thursday morning at the Methodist church, and then, because her foot is still bothering her, visited the chiropractor again.  He was concerned about a hairline fracture in her foot and sent her to CHI clinic for and X-ray.  It did not show a fracture, and he treated her, with the consequent result of the stabbing pain and discomfort abating.  I hit golf balls, returned to the rental to cool off, and went back to Magellan to practice short game skills.  Kay and I met up in mid-afternoon, and I drove to Granada Golf Course to play nine—what a beautiful golf course!  Hole #18 is it’s signature hole, with a rushing stream/waterfall cascading off the hill most of the entire left side of the fairway.

140807 002E

It is getting hotter and more humid as the week ends.  Today’s (Friday) heat index was over 100°, and intermittent clouds and thunder were present most of the afternoon.  Kay and I opted to play Coronado, (Kay played 9, I played 18), and she was just about “even”, i.e. par, on the first four holes, had a not-so-good #5, and finished with 3 out of 4 good holes; she is getting better and better.  It is really fun for us to play together, and it seems like the world’s (and our) troubles just disappear (we really want a buyer with a decent offer to purchase our house).  The rain held off for a complete 18 holes, and we dressed for dinner at Martha and Bobby’s, prepared by Pam.  Shortly after arriving, thunder and lightening preceded a steady rain for the rest of the evening; a great time was had by all, with both great stories and great food.  It would be remiss to fail to mention the dessert of chocolate crepes stuffed with ice cream, and topped by chocolate sauce and whipped cream—yum, yum, good!

We awoke to overcast skies Saturday morning with no plans for the day.  The lack of internet has allowed my needed app updates to go unattended, with 11 now on the iPad and 9 on the iPhone; Kay updated hers on Wednesday while visiting with Ron and Kaden.  We went to Magellan Golf Course driving range and practice area where I used the driving range, and Kay worked on her short game.  After lunch, she went to Coronado Fitness Center to work out, then to Walmart to get gasoline, and then to Village Villas to check on another rental property, perhaps for next summer.  When she returned, I was stir crazy and went back to the driving range, not hitting well, and then hit a couple hundred balls at the short game practice area where I hit well; golf is such a fickle sport!  Cloudy skies and a good breeze made conditions very comfortable.  Kay prepared smoked salmon patties for dinner, and they were awesome.  I went to bed early, having had a very busy week.

P.S.  For some reason, perhaps all the outside activities, we’ve both slept long and very well.  Kay most always sleeps well, but I typically sleep about 6 hours; the last week has averaged about 8 hours!

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