Friday through Sunday, August 15-17—Different Directions

We went different directions Friday morning as I drove to northern take care of some business, with a full check list of things to do like paying property taxes; after taking care of business in Mountain Home, I filled deer feeders, bird feeders, and hummingbird feeders, welcoming back our wild creatures.  Meanwhile, Kay and some lady friends drove to O’Fallon, Illinois, to have an “old girls” outing.  This group of former educators at Northside Junior High School in Pulaski County get together annually to do what “old girls” do, mostly visit and eat. 

140817 002E

Back at home on Saturday, it was good to have unlimited internet, which allowed updating the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, as well as the Windows based computers, taking several hours because the Centurytel internet is painfully slow.  The down time was used to return to Mountain Home to buy a couple of needed items not on yesterday’s list.  After returning, I spent considerable time outside working on the grounds, weed eating around the rock steps, blowing debris off the “dry” stream surrounding the back of the house, and filling holes in the drive.  Wayne loaned his tractor and driveway leveler and it did a fabulous job of smoothing the gravel driveway, and filling in the few remaining holes left from last week’s 4 1/2 inch deluge.

With Kay absent Sunday morning, I opted to go to the early “traditional” church at home, and really enjoyed the quietness and contemplativeness compared to the contemporary service we normally attend.  Rodney talked about Paul’s letter to the Romans, the spiritual gifts each of us receive, and how it takes the sum of these individual gifts to fulfill God’s team.  I couldn’t help but think of all the leadership training, team building, and synergy, not realizing back then that it was in the Bible the whole time—amazing what we can learn by reading the Word!  After church, I picked up a couple things at Walmart, and returned home to enjoy the US Amateur Golf Championship.  Regrettably, it was rain delayed, and shortly after the delay was announced, a fierce thunderstorm struck near and around the house, with over an inch of rain falling in just a few minutes.  Kay and the “old girls” returned to Arkansas after a long drive through thunderstorms, having had a great time.

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