Thursday through Saturday, July 17-19—All’s Quiet

After all the “excitement” the past several days, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were pretty low key.  There had been lots of plans for doing work around the house as we were experiencing record cool weather for July, but these obviously got postponed since I could not lift anything over 5 pounds.   The painter did finish drywall repair and painting in the great room and master bedroom, and it looks great.  Kay had another wellness checkup Thursday.  We resumed the DASH diet, and sure enough, my blood pressure is dropping like a rock, and we’ve both lost weight.  Otherwise, not a lot happened around our place in the woods!

P.S.  The reality has begun to set in as to the seriousness of the heart “issue”, and how blessed I was to survive with little to no damage.  The good Lord just burdened me to go to the ER, and great medical staff and docs were available to monitor and act—nothing in the ER indicated a heart attack or problem, rather enzymes from blood taken at 3 AM Tuesday morning indicated potential for blockage and Dr. Robinson, my super primary care doc, texted Dr. Camp, my cardiologist, who quickly cancelled stress tests in lieu of performing heart catherization and then inserting stents.  One of the few advantages of living in this area is that everyone knows everyone, particularly in the medical community.  And Kay had known Dr. Robinson’s parents before he was born, and Dr. Camp and his family go to our church, and were in a Sunday school class we taught.  So, it wasn’t like perfect strangers were caring for me.  Thank you, Lord.

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