Monday through Wednesday, July 14-16—Heart Attack

Did the title get your attention?  Our week started innocently enough Monday morning, just hanging out around the house.  Kay needed to run some errands in Mountain Home in the afternoon, and I rode in with her to hit golf balls.  After hitting about 75 balls, I experienced discomfort in the upper chest and lower throat.  A couple cups of water did not help, so I hit another 25, then texted Kay to come pick me up as I was not feeling well.  The discomfort did not subside and Kay took me to the ER where we sat in the parking lot about 5 minutes; still not subsiding, she dropped me off at the ER door, then joined me inside.  After signing in, getting 4 aspirins, and an EKG—no observable problems—the ER staff recommended I spend the night.  Enzymes from blood work during the night indicated potential for blockage; the following morning, Tuesday, during heart catherization, Dr. Camp “installed” 2 stents in 2 of 3 blockages (85%, 99%, and 99%).  I apparently suffered a very MINOR HEART ATTACK with only minor damage to the heart.  Thanks to God, Kay, Drs. Robinson and Camp (two of the finest medical professionals in Arkansas), and the staff of Baxter Regional Medical Center for possibly saving my life.  Just goes to show that even with exercise and a healthy diet, we can’t escape our heredity.  The first selfie photo is immediately before the heart catherization and installation of two stents, the second selfie is the morning after (this morning, Wednesday).  A great deal of pain was experienced as I puled the almost dozen and a half electrodes off my hairy chest—yikes!  Whether pulling them off slow or fast, it still was painful!  Now, the hairy chest is dotted with clear areas of skin amongst the hair.  No waxing for me, ladies.  I am now at home and feeling well, and on Sunday can return to regular activities—except for having to carry nitroglycerin around from now on!
IMG 0275

IMG 0281

4 thoughts on “Monday through Wednesday, July 14-16—Heart Attack

  1. Thanks. Am enjoying your blog with respect to Glacier, one of my favorite places in the world. We spent considerable time over on the east side in the Two Sisters area—great hikes. Take care and safe travels.

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