Monday, March 3—Girls Day Out

140303 E 005
With yukky weather—cold and light rain—and Kay preparing for her now annual Girls Day Out, I walked to the Bentsen-Rio Grande State Park, registered, and walked further by the resaca (Rio Grande River oxbow) shown above, to the Kiskadee Blind, my “go to” place when the weather is unfit for other outdoor pursuits, passing the volunteers who fill the feeders each day.  Inside the blind there was little wind and with a roof, no rain.  Birds were coming in at once, attracted by the fresh suet, oranges, and seeds.  Overcast skies necessitated a very high ISO speed in order to get a decent f: stop and shutter speed.  No unusual birds were there, but the Black-headed Grosbeak posed at length.
After Kay returned from Girl’s Day Out, we joined a few other hardy circle residents for happy hour at the palapa; the hot coffee/hot chocolate was good as we huddled around the small propane burner.  Kay prepared chili for our meal, and it was very appropriate given the cold, wet weather.  We watched a lot of recorded television, spending a quiet evening in the motorhome.
KAY’S TAKE:  I think the ladies of BPV, Circle 3, have established an annual luncheon tradition.  Last year several of us met at Renee’s of Sharyland to eat at their café and browse/shop in the shoppes connected to the café.  Renee’s is located on East Griffin Parkway about 7 miles from our RV resort.  We met in the inner circle this year, loaded in five cars, and headed out about 10:30 a.m.  Sandy Fuller, a former circle member, joined us also.   I believe we were seventeen (17) strong today!  
It was a rainy and cold (relatively cold 40+ degrees in the valley) day, and we bundled up braving the cold to have some quality ‘girl’ time.  I had alerted the restaurant that a large group would be ordering around 11:00.  The restaurant has homemade soup, salads, and sandwiches, plus some delicious looking (deadly) desserts.  We each placed our order at the counter and sat down to visit while the lovely Hispanic waitress brought out our drinks and orders as they were prepared.  Some of the items that were ordered included:  chicken salad plate, Mexican taco salad with beef or chicken, Manhatten salad, wraps, paninis, corned beef sandwiches, and even a pasta dish.  Several ordered the cheesecake and the coconut cake.  Then we browsed the shoppes attached to Renee’s – some clothing, Vera Bradley bags, jewelry, shoes, purses, etc.   Of course, if we bought something, we’d have to remove something from our RV’s to make room!  Hehehehe!  We decided what happens at ladies lunch, stays at ladies lunch.

140303 EB 001

140303 EB 002

We also went to the shopping strip next door because there is a great Hispanic café and bakery.  Not sure what many of the baked items were, but they all looked wonderful.  This bakery is where I scored the outstanding (and vastly discounted) 3 Kings Cake that we all enjoyed in January.  
Several pictures show the ladies enjoying the food and the good camaraderie.   I wouldn’t be surprised if many returned to the RVs for a nice nap on a yucky afternoon.  Thanks ladies for a lovely ladies lunch.  Fun, Fun.

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