Sunday, March 2—Yet Another Cold Front is Blowing In

140302 E 001

We attended First United Methodist Church in Mission Sunday morning for the next to last time this winter season, and most people who attend the same service as we attend—Winter Texans make up the majority of the congregation—are still in the Valley; none want to return home to snow and cold!  After returning to the RV, we had a late breakfast, read the newspaper, and napped.  The wind was blowing 25 miles per hour and gusting to about 45 miles per hour, prohibiting any significant outdoor activity—and I wanted to go to the National Butterfly Center one last time before the cold front arrived to chance seeing a Mexican Bluewing.  Hopefully, we’ll get some warm days, back-to-back, before we leave and the butterflies will be abundant.  They have already begun their migration north as we’re seeing some species not seen since December.  Several of the folks in our circle either don’t use air conditioning, or have problems with theirs.  Consequently, on really warm days they’ll gather at the shaded palapa to enjoy the relatively cool breezes.  About mid-afternoon Kay was still napping, and Al, Sharon, Chuck, and Sue were visiting in the palapa.  I moseyed over and joined them, and Kay came over a bit later bringing her Swedish weaving project.  And then, most of the circle residents gathered for our daily visit (happy hour).  With Mardi Gras coming up this week, Kay had purchased a dozen masks for the ladies, and they quickly disappeared.  Sue Mercer brought over a bag of Mardi Gras beads and distributed them as well.  Fat Tuesday is shaping up to be a party day!   We left about 6 PM, and Kay continued working on her Swedish weaving project, finally finishing this beautiful piece of art!

140302 E 001 2

The palapa happy hour continued well past 8 PM, and Al and Sharon were coming over at 7 PM for bridge, but got delayed waiting for pizza.  Once they arrived, we played several rubbers of bridge while watching the Academy Awards.  As always, we had a great time, and are getting a bit better at bidding and playing the game.

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