Tuesday and Wednesday, January 28-29—Cool Weather Again

Another cold front blew in Monday night, with temperatures hovering in the low 40s most of the day Tuesday.  Combined with high winds, it was cold!  But, we’re not complaining.  Kay worked on her second bowl, trimming the bottom, glueing it on, and adding a decorative groove to it, and sanding and buffing the inside.  I went to the Bentsen Rio Grande State Park just after 12 noon, and found no one else in the Kiskadee Blind.  With fresh food, the birds were active, and I got a new “life bird”, a female Black-headed Grosbeak.  Additionally, I saw a molting Indigo Bunting, a fairly rare bird for the area.  A couple of Altimira Orioles would come in to feed at about 15-minute intervals, a Lincoln’s Sparrow came in, a Ladder-back and Golden-fronted Woodpecker were bouncing around, and lots of Cardinals and Green Jays were present.  The Green Jay blind area looked the worse for wear, with some downed shrubs and trees and the platform feeder had been upended; I didn’t spend any time there.  I downloaded the photographs into Lightroom 5 and began post processing them while Kay prepared Mexican Chicken and a salad for dinner.  Needing tortilla chips for the recipe, I volunteered to drive to the store, but it is not the place to go during rush hour, as it took over an hour to go there, buy the chips, and return to the resort.

140128 E 003


140128 E 005

140128 E 011

140128 E 025

Al and Sharon came over in the evening and we played bridge for a couple of hours; neither Kay nor I had good hands, but we are learning the “new to us” bidding system; it was fun, and we played a few good defensive hands.  Still battling the Centurytel email fiasco, I worked until early Wednesday morning beginning the process of changing email accounts, and advising contact list addressees of the change (I found that neither Gmail nor Yahoo will allow you to send to 100 or more addressees at one time!). More to come tomorrow.

Despite the early morning hour for bedtime, I was up at 7 AM Wednesday morning.  After reading the home newspapers online, I resumed the lengthy process of changing email address, some of which have major financial implications (Edward Jones, 3 banks, eBay, PayPal, etc.) and some which could have had significant medical ramifications (Mayo Clinic, our pharmacy).  As a bit of advice, I would recommend using a Gmail, Yahoo, or similar email address in lieu of one from an internet service provider like Centurytel/Centurylink, cable internet, etc. as there is a strong likelihood that at some point they will cancel your account, possibly without warning! And another warning.  We had our Centurytel/Centurylink email addresses coming through Gmail and Yahoo, and that proved to be a near fatal mistake.  I finished changing all the affected counts about mid-afternoon, and Kay was kind enough to give me peace and quiet for most of the day, going to exercise and the beauty shop.  The rest of the afternoon was spent updating Kay’s computer, deleting cookies and cleaning the databases, uninstalling unneeded software and applications, and running a scan for viruses, malware, etc.  It was an exhausting day, but the cold, windy weather was not conducive to outdoor activities.  We both collapsed in the evening, and did a whole lot of nothing.  Van did come by about 9 PM for assistance transmitting a pdf to take care of business related to resolution of his late father’s estate.  He and Bonnie have had more than their share of challenges this winter with his dad breaking a hip and consequently passing away, and their 2=year old granddaughter getting sick twice, the latter time being admitted to the hospital at the same time  she, her mom, and dad (Van and Bonnie’s son) were to move back to Canada.

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