Sunday through Monday, January 26-27—Dancin’, Golf, and Bowls

A late night Saturday was no excuse for missing church on Sunday, according to Kay, so we were up early and on the way by 8:30 AM.  Sermons this month have concentrated on “Giving.”  Our church in Mountain Home has their pledge period in late October before we leave for the winter, and the church in Mission has theirs in January; it is understandable since so many of the Mission FUMC attendees are Winter Texans.  From church, it was off to Costco for Healthy Choice fudge bars, a Club 150 lunch (hotdog and soda), and cup of yogurt.  And then, it was back to the motorhome for a brief rest before driving the short distance to the Riverside Club on the banks of the Rio Grande River and just across the river from Mexico for visiting with Lin, Tom, Karen, and Warren, and lots of dancin’.  We had a great time with them, and after dancing ourselves out, we left while they had dinner; note the huge pork tenderloin sandwich!  From the Riverside Club, we paid a good-bye visit to Wayne and Loretta at AmeriCana resort before their departure back to Arkansas on Monday.  With so much going on, we opted out of the 50s and 60s Dance back at the resort, and spent a quiet evening in the motorhome.

140126 E 005

140126 E 003


140126 E 007


Al and I played golf Monday morning at Cimarron Country Club in McAllen; the game is coming back slowly, but I am having a blast playing golf, and Al is a great partner with whom to play.  Kay continued work on her second bowl of the season, trimming the rough exterior, removing the corners, and beginning and finishing turning the bowl’s inside.  The palapa happy hour was well attended, and afterwards, we went shopping for golf accessories, but came home empty handed.  Meanwhile, the satellite went down again, and took about a half hour to restore the signal.  Our summer plans are now in a state of flux as we’ve decided to postpone indefinitely a trip to the British Isles and a cruise to the Baltic.  We may spend a month at Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, playing golf, visiting with friends, and kayaking and fishing for bluegill in their many lakes, and plan to spend part of the hot summer in Door County, Wisconsin.

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