Sunday through Tuesday, January 5-7—Getting Outdoors Again


Monday was very cold by RGV standards with highs in the 40s and winds sufficient to create  windchill temperatures in the high 20s; however, the rain has stopped.  After her exercise class, Kay returned to the woodshop, busy turning her second bowl (using a woodturning lathe); it is a segmented bowl made of maple and walnut.  She has finished gluing all the pieces in place and has made significant progress in turning the wood segments into a bowl shape.  I walked to and around the Bentsen Rio Grande State Park, about 4 miles, getting the itch to photograph birds.  140106 E 016I returned to the motorhome, loaded binoculars, camera, and 500 mm telephoto lens and biked back to the park, mainly to get a good photo of an Orange Crowned Warbler.  I stopped first in the Green Jay Blind, spending about an hour, and saw and photographed several birds, though seeing nothing unusual. And then, I biked and walked to the Kiskadee blind and was again rewarded with some nice photos.  As I was about to leave, a Peccary quietly made its way to the watering hole, and I able to get a couple of photos despite the Peccary being very skittish; it finally bolted as I slightly moved the behemoth telephoto lens.  Again, as I was about to leave, an Altamira Oriole appeared at a close watering drip line.

140106 E 032

140106 E 024

With the success found Monday in the two blinds at the Bentsen Rio Grande State Park, I returned Tuesday with slightly less cold temperatures and less wind.  Though some birds presented themselves for photos, no new bird species were photographed, but I did finally get a photo of an Orange Crowned Warbler.

140107 E 001

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